Thoroughly Equipped

In DC, you’ll memorize at least 70 verses. You’ll memorize a new verse or passage for 52 of the weeks in DC—and you’ll review previous verses every week.

Why memorize? Our goal is that the Word of God would be planted in your hearts! It will be an opportunity to meditate deeply on a single verse or passage that relates to our topic of study each week. You’ll have a stronger sense of where verses are located in the Bible. It is one of many spiritual disciplines you’ll practice throughout DC, which will help to slowly turn you into a stronger disciple of Jesus.

All Memory Verses in PDF (PDF opens in a new window)

Queen's Weekly Devotional on the New Memory Verses

Memory verses through Quizlet (this link works for DC101), through iTunes as a Quizlet app; or as a Flashcard Touch App  

All Memory Verses in Audio through SoundCloud-- for DC in male voice (by semester) and female voice (by verse); and for "DC for Students" (in female voice by verse)