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Training within DC HEADING_TITLE

We have a "semi-training" after DC101, but it’s mostly encouragement and reminders.

But we have a really important training leading into the vastly different material that starts with DC301. Make sure to watch that video when you get toward the end of DC202. (Think of it this way: We thought it was so important, we went to the trouble and expense to make a video!)

In the six-hour pre-DC training, we’ve said everything that we think needs to be said. (Hopefully, you've already watched that, if you're leading a group.) But us saying something will only take you so far, particularly if you don’t absorb it! Of course, there’s much to learn as you lead a DC group. And a lot of it can be better conveyed by objective, candid outside parties—the role of a shepherd.


More (PDFs open in a new window):
Post-101 training 
300/400 training (philosophy, notes and hand-out) and the Video