Thoroughly Equipped

At Southeast, we mandate a one-hour “orientation” for DC. Particularly in the context of a larger church, where invitations to do DC are coming from many people, it’s important to have a standardized discussion of our goals—and particularly, expectations of preparation, attendance, participation, and so on. Even in a smaller context, it would be quite helpful to communicate the same ideas to DC’ers. (We would also encourage you to invite spouses—so they’re more likely on the same page as well.)

It’s also an opportunity to cast vision for ministry, disciple-making, evangelism, etc. How does DC fit within your larger ministry? What are your hopes for those who go through DC?

Feel free to watch the video and use it to inform your own presentation—or simply show the video to those going into DC.

Orientation Video


Orientation Notes

Sample DC Handouts (use/edit as you see fit): Here, Here, and "Got Meat?"