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Are you ready for DC? HEADING_TITLE

You might agree with our goals; you might like our curriculum; you might be excited to imagine such a transformative process. But you might not be ready for DC—at least, not yet.

Why? You may already have a handful of people—or even a large group of people—who would be ready to jump into DC. If so, let’s go! But you may be in a setting where people have not built up sufficient discipline to do DC—or, more likely, you’re not in a position to easily discern who’s ready and who’s not.

We frequently talk with ministers at churches where discipleship looks like a monthly breakfast and a quarterly service project. Or they offer Bible studies, but the participants are passive. Or they offer studies of Christian books, but the reading is light and/or optional. In those cases, making the leap to DC—with its expectations of 5 hours of “homework”—will be difficult.

What to do? If you find yourself in that position, we’d recommend offering some meatier short-term studies—for many reasons. First, it will whet the appetite of some people. Second, it will give you a better idea about who’s ready. Third, it will give them a better idea about whether they’re ready. With that in hand, then you’re ready to give DC a good shot.

The larger issue is not DC, per se. The most important thing is to follow the disciple-making model of Jesus-- pouring intentionally into a small group of disciples who can become disciple-makers.

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