Thoroughly Equipped

Kurt Sauder
Kurt Sauder is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He has served in the pastorate for more than 20 years—as a youth pastor and a senior pastor, before serving as Men’s Minister and Oldham Campus Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville. Kurt and his wife Kristen started Further Still Ministries where Kurt is now full-time. They have four children: Olivia, Drew, Ivy and Ellie. Kurt has a deep passion to make disciple-makers, multiplying themselves in the lives of others.

Eric Schansberg
Eric Schansberg is Professor of Economics at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany. He is the author of dozens of articles, ranging from academic journals to newspapers. He has written two books on public policy as well as a book on Joshua and “victorious Christian living”. Eric has led expository Bible studies for more than 20 years. He and his wife Tonia typically enjoy the challenges of “trying to raise a few good men”—their four sons, Zach, Brennan, Joseph and Daniel. Eric’s deepest passion in ministry is discipling and empowering others.

Southeast Christian Church
Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY is our home church. We’re thankful for the visionary leadership of Bob Russell—and now Dave Stone and Kyle Idleman. We’re thankful for the faithful and Christ-centered leadership of our elders and deacons. We’re thankful for a church that fosters innovative efforts to evangelize and disciple. We’re thankful for our initial groups of guinea pigs, who helped us launch DC in September 2002. We’re thankful for the hundreds of people who’ve gone through DC at Southeast— and the hundreds who’ve gone through DC outside of Southeast. In all of this, we’re thankful for the opportunity to see the Lord use DC to bear much fruit in making disciples who make disciples. We look forward to seeing the Lord use DC throughout the United States and hopefully, to the ends of the earth.