Thoroughly Equipped

Welcome to DC

What’s your plan to…

  • do ministry like Jesus and to fulfill “the Great Commission”?
  • provide the vision and equipping necessary for disciple-makers?
  • develop competent and confident lay-leaders within your church?

These are important goals. But when you ask most ministers about their plans to achieve these goals, you don’t usually get a good answer. If those goals are important to you—and if you don’t have a plan—DC may be part of the answer!


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About DC

“DC” is a 21-month program of Bible study, Bible reading, and Bible memorization for “higher-end” discipleship with a focus on lay-leadership development. “Thoroughly Equipped” is our goal—that “the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” (II Tim 3:17). What does that take? Knowledge, experiences, and skills; better theology, spiritual disciplines, and walking with the Spirit; a passionate vision for disciple-making; confidence and competence.

DC is meant to be a guided self-study—studying on one’s own for about five hours per week and then working with a facilitator-led group—through material designed to enhance one’s walk with Christ and empower one to become a (more effective) disciple-maker.

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