Thoroughly Equipped

On this page, you'll find some resources that are really helpful for leading you group from week-to-week.

Each book has a laminated, perforated memory verse card. If a DC'er loses that, you can find the verses here. If you’re an “auditory learner”, the verses are available in Audio for download.

The Leaders Guides are a useful resource for administering a DC group and running it week to week. We’ve also provided other resources that might be of use to you.

There are a variety of Events in DC. We’ve provided an overview of the calendar as well as helpful hints on each opportunity.

On another page, we provide all the training you’ll need to get started with DC. But we also provide a Training for co-leaders just prior to DC301-- and we can help you set up "Next Steps" for your impending DC grads. Make sure to check into these resources when you get there!



More (PDF's open in a new window):
Memory Verses

Leaders Guides and Other Resources

Sample Schedule (with Fall start) and Everything DC'ers and Co-Leaders do in a one-page Excel Spreadsheet (Chris Bobay)

Events Within DC

Training Within DC



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