Thoroughly Equipped
Seven Keys to Success... HEADING_TITLE

in Disciple-Making and Running a DC Group (all covered in the Intro to the Leaders Guide and the Co-Leader Training Videos) 

1.) Recruit Carefully: Meet people where they’re at and have a variety of discipling opportunities through your church. Make the expectations for DC as clear as possible—a tall task! Ask for a ten-week commitment, but tell them that DC is a 21-month process. Cast vision for disciple-making. Pray. 

2.) Tons of Bible: It’s the Word of God and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness—so that we may be “thoroughly equipped” for every good work. Really! So, study it, read it, memorize it, and see what the Lord can do through you—to bear much fruit. 

3.) Small Group experience: Jesus spent most of his time and energy with the 3 and the 12. You’ll learn a lot more if you do this in community. You’ll be held accountable to do the work, even when things get tough. You’ll form lifelong friendships with other disciples of Jesus. 

4.) Facilitate a Guided Self Study: DC is not taught, but learned and experienced. The co-leaders should lead and facilitate far more than they will teach and preach. How do people become disciple-makers unless they study on their own, actively participate, and are guided by a disciple-maker? 

5.) Class Participation: How do people become disciple-makers unless they find their voice, learn to articulate their views, and gain confidence in discussing their faith? What ministry and evangelism can occur without the ability to enunciate one’s faith? Everyone should speak evenly: big talkers should listen and work to empower others; quiet people must learn to speak. 

6.) Time Management: There will be so much that you could cover within each week’s meeting. But stick to the format, forsaking the good for the best. Tactfully cut off tangents and teach them how to listen and how to speak succinctly.  

7.) Connect to God and others through Prayer and Relationship: Knowledge without love is a mess. Learn to know God more intimately—so that you can listen and obey. Learn to love and serve His people—so that you can see the Gospel in action. Be a part of the “Divine Conspiracy”—that God wants to work through us and partner with us in ministry.