Thoroughly Equipped
Why DC: Thoroughly Equipped? HEADING_TITLE

Let’s start with some related questions: What’s your plan to…

  • do ministry like Jesus and to fulfill “the Great Commission”?
  • provide the vision and equipping necessary for disciple-makers?
  • develop competent and confident lay-leaders within your church?

These are important goals. But when you ask most ministers about their plans to achieve these goals, you don’t usually get a good answer. If those goals are important to you—and if you don’t have a plan—DC may be part of the answer!

What are you doing to fulfill the Great Commission? We talk about discipleship, but many times, we’re aiming for converts and we’re not intentional about discipleship. We have small groups; we have good preaching; and so on—but are we working to produce disciples who are disciple-makers?

Or think of it this way: How many competent lay-leaders could you use to help the ministry of your church? Who’s leading your small groups? How do you mentor new deacons and elders? How hard do you have to work to get volunteers to serve? Are your volunteers merely nice people or warm bodies—or effective ministers of the gospel?

What’s your plan? 


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